Thredbo Snow Sports

06 June 2015

Thredbo Snow Sports School is renowned throughout ski racing clubs across Australia for producing quality athletes and extremely competent young skiers and snowboarders. The lessons start for little ones as young as 3 years old and go right through to adult lessons and high level freestyle snowboard training and ski coaching camps.

On The Couch With Thredboland Manager Natasha Murray

The husband and wife team at the head of Thredbo Snow Sports may have something to do with the success of the school, with two young kids of their own and more than 40 combined years of experience in instructing Natasha Murray and Adam Hosie have developed a schedule of engaging children’s lessons, private instructor programmes and adult learn to ski workshops. Olympic Gold and Silver medallist Torah Bright also became a Thredbo ambassador last season and she is passionate about getting everyone to experience the snow. Torah has been working with Thredbo Snow Sports to develop a kids learn to ski free programme, and great packages for learners of all ages, making the snow more accessible to everyone.

Thredboland is where it all starts, for skiers aged 3 to 6 years parents can drop them off knowing they will be looked after all day by the same qualified Thredboland instructor, the comprehensive child care and lesson service includes indoor play, ski lessons and meals. The well equipped Thredboland Centre located at Friday Flat is the HQ for all kids lessons which can be purchased either online in advance or at the ticket office when you arrive in Thredbo. After age 6, there are a range of private and group lessons available and for the adults the introduction of Max6 lesson last season means you are guaranteed no more than 6 people in your lesson, providing a much more productive environment for learning.

Thredbo Snow Sports department hosts some great events throughout the winter including the Thursday Family Nights, the School Holiday Carnivals and the Saturday night charity flare run, where almost 200 skiers and snowboarders race down the mountain lighting up the Supertrail while holding flares and finishing in an explosion of fireworks. At different times throughout the July and September School holidays, pro skiers and snowboarders are brought in to demonstrate and coach kids and teens, and there is a schedule of exciting events designed to keep everyone interested in and excited about learning to ski and snowboard.

For Thredbo Snow Sports Bookings visit or phone 02 6459 4100

First Time to the Snow?
Here are a couple of blog entries written by a local Mum to assist you in getting prepared:

Equipment - deals, tips and tricks
First Day Back On Snow

Dressing your Children for the snow
Dress your child like an onion – in layers!
1. Start with the moisture absorbing layer to keep their skin dry and warm
2. Add an insulating middle layer, either a hoddie or a jersey will do then the protective outer layer!
3. The one piece – These are great for children on the slopes, whether snow play, skiing or snowboarding, one piece suits prevent snow from getting anywhere its not meant to and keeps children warmer for longer. Kids will often keep quiet in a group lesson situation if they are cold, so prevent anyone from being chilly by hiring or buying a waterproof one piece for your child’s shell layer.
Water conducts heat away from the body roughly 25 times faster than air so children get chilled faster when they are learning.
4. Mittens allow more warm air to circulate around little fingers.
5. A good pair of warm, moisture absorbing socks are and a set of waterproof gumboots or après boots will keep little feet warm and dry.
Always have an extra set of mittens and socks.
6. A warm hat or beanie and preferably a helmet will keep your children’s head warm and safe.
7. Don’t forget the sun-block and goggles as your children need protection from the sun in the snow, as much as they do at the beach.

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