Torah Bright

06 June 2015

Do you love Torah Bright as much as we do? It's great to see such a positive ambassador for snowsports out there empowering not only young women, but everyone to get up to the snow and experience one of the most fulfilling and exciting winter activities available. This season Torah has teamed up with Thredbo Resort and Visit Snowy Mountains to make it as easy as possible for first timers to experience a snow holiday!

10 interesting facts you didnít know about Torah
1.Rowena Bright, Torahs older sister is also an Olympian, competing in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics in alpine skiing.
2.Torah Bright was married to American pro snowboarder Jake Welch from 2010 to 2013, upon filing for divorce Torah took the advice of her lawyer and ceased all communication with Jake.
3.The 27-year-old injured her big toe in rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars and quit under her doctorís advice after undergoing tests at a Melbourne hospital.
4.After the 2014 Olympics, Torah took a short beach holiday before getting straight into promoting the 2014 winter season!
5.Bright is the second highest paid female Australian professional athlete, with a net worth of $6 million dollars.
6.Torah rides her snowboard Goofy, right foot forward.
7.Torah Bright first started skiing in the NSW Snowy Mountains after growing up one of 5 siblings in Cooma.
8.Torah shares her birthday with the festive season, born on December 27th 1986
9.Torahs little sister Abish Bright operates the successful 2627 Hairdressers in Jindabyne.
10.Torahs brother Ben Bright, is also a professional snowboarder and has remained her coach throughout her career.

Thredbo's Golden Girl is one of Australias most popular athletes, follow her on:


Torah Bright

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